3-4 year old dancers - Preballet/Tap class 
5-6 year old dancers - Trans classes: Ballet/Tap or Jazz/HipHop
7-9 year old dancers - L1 Jazz/HipHop class, Mini Ballet, Mini Jazz, Mini Acro, Mini Tap
9-11 year old dancers - L2/4 Ballet, L2/4 Cont (Contemporary), L2/4 Jazz, L2/4 Acro
9-11 year old dancers - L3/5 Jazz, L3/5 Contemporary, L3/5 HH

4-9 year old Special Needs dancers - Sp Needs Class
Dancers 11+  years - contact the studio for more class information

​​​​​​​​Our 2017-2018 Fall schedule is open to all dancers. Please call the studio for class schedules.

You can also REGISTER for 2017-2018 Fall classes:

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Please contact us with any questions you have at, or call 405-348-3742.